Fruit Butters

Fruit Butters

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Plan B

As the new year gets underway, I think we all ponder things we want to do in 2011. I started a list of all of the projects I want to complete this year and I realized most of it can be categorized under the column labeled Plan B.

We spend the whole year at the farm preparing crops to be sold for Grade A fresh produce…trimming, fertilizing, irrigating, cultivating, using Integrated Pest Management. But there are so many factors beyond our control that there will never be a perfect crop, especially in a business that is very dependent on weather. My whole product line of fruit butters, sauces, and juices use the fruit that couldn’t sell as Grade A, or what we call, seconds. These value-added products actually allow us to profit on the imperfect. At the sorting table my Grandpa says, “there’s nothing wrong with that piece of fruit. It tastes the same!”

As much as we all strive for the ease of plan A, my experiences on the farm have made me more accepting of life not always going that way. There are just too many factors beyond our control. It’s a lesson for many things in life. It’s good to have a plan B and you never know, it may just end up being the right plan after all.