Fruit Butters

Fruit Butters

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Kids are Here!

May and June are two of my favorite months. Warmer weather, blossoms, green everywhere, new baby goats, and a visit from my nieces and nephew.

Our goat, Daisy, had twin kids a few weeks ago – two does. It’s amazing how agile they are in just a few days. They are already climbing up the planks and tower Dad built for the goats.

A few years ago, I talked Dad into getting a few goats to raise in our calf barn and corral. We stopped raising dairy heifer calves and I thought it would be a great space for the goats. They’ve become our backyard entertainment as well as part of the petting zoo during our U-pick apple season. They are crosses between Saanen (dairy goats) and Boer (meat goats). I thought about milking them and trying my hand at goat cheese, but now we keep breeding them for sale.

The best part is when my family visits and the kids get to play with the baby goats. Everyone was home this weekend for a family wedding, so my nieces and nephew were excited to see the new little does. Part of the tradition is letting the kids name the kids – maybe with a little guidance from me and final approval from Grandpa.

The final decision on names – May and June

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